Celebrity Lavish Lifestyle: Peek Inside Your Favorite Stars’ Luxurious Jets And Yachts

We know celebrities have garages of luxury cars—some even have hangars that house their personal planes. These are just some of the fruits of their labor and are part of their personal investments. They live the dream life of many and as such, we are very curious as to how they spend their downtime. Do they stay at home or do these celebrities getting some sun aboard their private yachts? After all, if they want to avoid the prying eyes of the public and the paparazzi—this is the way to go!
What about a sojourns to some of the most beautiful places in the world? They have the means and even the ride to get it done privately! No more queueing at airports for some of our favorites. There are celebs who can even pilot their own planes. With all the resources at their disposal, we wouldn’t be surprised at how luxurious traveling is for these stars.
Here are the voguish voyagers – the celebrities who journey with class and utmost sophistication.

Celine Dion | Bombardier Global Express | Estimated $42 Million

Musical legend Celine Dion has earned a lot of money from her long and successful career. She is known for her powerful, skilled voice, and is still the best-selling Canadian recording artist and one of the best-selling artists of all time with more than 2 million records sold. She has amassed a total net worth of $800 million. It is a known fact that the singer adores all things classy. Given her fortune, she can definitely treat herself to a number of different luxuries.

Aside from designer clothing and jewelry, Celine Dion has also invested in her very own private plane. The peak of class, if you ask us.The plane comes with a total of 14 seats and features a chic all-leather interior. The singer even has a private chef onboard to ensure she’s always eating and traveling in the utmost style. With her constant flying, we hope Celine also has her travel insurance updated!