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BOB BARKER – Los Angeles

With his whopping net worth amounting to $70 million, Bob Barker certainly lives out his days in splendor. One prime example of his vast display of wealth is through his sprawling estate in Los Angeles, California. The property spread in a 5,000-sq-ft land, boasting four bedrooms and a maid’s quarters. It was developed and built by Mr. Hollywood or Charles Toberman, who is responsible for several landmarks such as Egyptian theaters, Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, and Grauman’s Chinese. According to Virtual Globetrotting, this home is the epitome of the Spanish Colonial Revival style. However, it once filled the news after a car crashed on its wall.

Robert William Barker or professionally known as Bob Barker, was born on December 12, 1923, in Darrington, Washington. He is an animal activist and most likely known as a retired television game show host. Two of the popular programs he has credits for hosting are Truth or Consequences and The Price is Right, which started hosting in 1972 and ended in 2007.