You Won’t Believe These Celebrities Are Now Thrown Out Of Their Lavish Houses

Aside from being famous for their works and beauty, celebrities are also renowned for their social status, lavish lifestyle, and not to mention, huge net worth. But not everyone can maintain these things. Sure, we think of celebrities for being too wealthy— someone who can buy anything and everything they want with just a swipe of their credit cards. But when their shine starts to fade, the projects are slowly decreasing, and the fame is gradually slipping, what will happen to these stars? Some lucky – or wise – celebrities put their hard-earned money to good use. They started investing in different things, like businesses, so when the time comes that they have to bid their goodbyes to the entertainment scene, they will be financially ready.
But not all have this thinking. Sadly, some celebrities used to have everything but now living with nothing. From Lindsay Lohan, who used to dominate the big screen when she was young, to Johnny Depp, who had it all but controversies took everything from him— meet the stars whose life started to change because of their wrong financial decisions.

Alexis Bellino

Fans had witnessed how Alexis Bellino used to spend her money when she was still part of The Real Housewives of Orange County. However, behind her lavish spending, everything was different in real life. According to reports, the 43-year-old star has been financially struggling for years now. In 2010, her former husband, Jim Bellino, defaulted on their mansion, which was worth $4.6 million.

To make matters worse, his real estate company, Global Marine, Inc., filed for bankruptcy in the same year. Anyhow, if there was something good that happened to Alexis then, it was receiving $16,000 of child and spousal support every month after her split with Jim. At the time, her credit reports might have been affected by her financial issues. Hopefully, everything is well for Bellino today. She went through a public divorce, but she’s since been dating someone new. After making her long-awaited return to RHOC in October of 2019 with cast member Emily Simpson, Alexis is setting sail on another Bravo show.