Elisabeth Shue

Shue grew up in South Orange, New Jersey. Her parents divorced when she was nine years old. Shue grew up with her three brothers and is very close to them. Elisabeth Shue has been in many memorable films in each decade, which is why she’s recognized even by the younger audiences. For the Gen-Xers, she is remembered as Ali Mills’ partner in the Karate Kid movies.

For the Xennials, those between Gen-Xers and Millennials, she might be recognized best for being in the Back to the Future movies. The Gen Z population will probably recognize her best from The Hollow Man. Recently, Elisabeth has also appeared as a superhero in the drama TV series, The Boys. Last year, she was set to appear in the TV pilot of Constance, but this project sadly didn’t push through. Nonetheless, there’s still plenty to choose from when it comes to her film resume!